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Die Wenigsten denken beim Begriff "Frankfurt/Rhein-Main" an das industriekulturelle Erbe der Region. Dabei haben hier Unternehmen von Weltruhm gewirkt und ihre Spuren hinterlassen – und tun es heute noch: Von Aventis/Infraserv auf dem ehemaligen Hoechst-Gelände in Frankfurt, MAN Roland in Offenbach, ...

KulturRegion Frankfurt RheinMain gGmbH | Route der Industriekultur Rhein-Main
Poststraße 16
60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Central Hesse regional management association is the supporter of the Central Hesse Route of Industrial Heritage, which has been set up with the aim to preserve and promote knowledge about the industrial past and present of Central Hesse to develop and strengthen the awareness of the ...

Mittelhessen e.V. (Regionalmanagement Mittelhessen)
Georg-Schlosser-Straße 1
35390 Gießen, Germany

Oberhausen | Germany
Ruhr Tourismus GmbH (RTG) was founded with the aim of bundling product development, marketing and sales and developing an independent regional tourism profile for the Ruhr metropolis. The task of RTG is to profile the Ruhr Metropolis as a travel destination and to network the region's tourism ...

Ruhr Tourismus GmbH
Centroallee 261
46047 Oberhausen, Germany

Dalmine (BG) | Italy
The Dalmine Foundation emerged in 1999, on the initiative of TenarisDalmine, with the goal of promoting industrial culture and enhancing the history of a business that has remained deeply-rooted in the territory for over a century and is now part of Tenaris, a global steel tube manufacturer. ...

Fondazione Dalmine
Piazza Caduti del 6 luglio 1944, n.1
24044 Dalmine, Italy

inGE is devoted to encourage the awareness and knowldge of industrial heritage and culture in Genova and Liguria. The organization’s goal is to activate and promote projects able to enhance studies in the field, and knowledge of industrial architecture and local industrial tradition. Our belief is ...

inGE Association for the Promotion and Diffusion of the Industrial Heritage and Culture of Genoa and Liguria
inGE Associazione per la Promozione e la Diffusione della Cultura e del Patrimonio Industriale a Genova e in Liguria
c/o Studio Melis Piazza della Vittoria 9/6
16121 Genova, Italy

Sesto San Giovanni | Italy
Fondazione ISEC was born in 1973 with the aim to collect, conserve and enhance sources and documents of the history of the Italian resistance movement, industrial companies and the labour movement. Fondazione ISEC has become a naBonal reference point for whomever interested in happenings concerning ...

Fondazione ISEC
Largo La Marmora 17
20099 Sesto San Giovanni, Italy

Esch-sur-Alzette | Luxembourg
The "Land of the Red Rocks" in the south of Luxembourg, owes its name to the bright red iron ore which dominates the landscape. The iron ore was undoubtedly behind the success of the steel industry in the Grand Duchy back in the middle of the 19th century. Former industrial sites were partially ...

Red Rock Region
Office Régional du Tourisme Sud
28b, rue Dicks
4082 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Silesian Voivodeship can boast the highest number of historic industrial buildings in Poland. The Marshal Office of the Silesian Voivodeship did bear in mind the significance of monuments for the history and identity of the region. A project consisting of creating a network of the most interesting ...

Marshal Office of the Silesian Voivodeship
Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Śląskiego
ul. Ligonia 46
40-037 Katowice, Poland

The 'Verband Industriekultur und Technikgeschichte Schweiz VINTES' (Association Industrial Culture and History of Technology Switzerland) is the umbrella organisation of private and public institutions involved in collecting, preserving and communicating in the fields of industrial heritage and the ...

Verband Industriekultur und Technikgeschichte Schweiz VINTES
c/o Kilian T. Elsasser
Kaspar Koppstrasse 57
6030 Ebikon, Switzerland

Belgrade | Serbia
The Cluster of Cultural Routes links almost 50 cultural institutions, tourist organizations, civil society organizations, SME's and five universities, in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and the USA. The goals of the organisation are: The production and realisation of specific cultural-tourist ...

Cluster of Cultural Routes
Rige od Fere 4
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

The industrialisation of Asturia began in the mid 19th century when companies with foreign capital (above all Belgian, French and British enterprises) began large-scale activities in the region, especially in the areas of mining and iron and steel production. They were joined at the end of the 19th ...

Sociedad Regional de Turismo
Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura
C/ Luis Moya Blanco, 261
E-33203 Gijón, Spain

Ostrava | Czech Republic
The Moravian-Silesian region was industrialised already during the times of Austria-Hungary in the 19th century and still today is one of the most important industrial areas in Central Europe with its coal mining, iron and steel production and vehicle industry. ‘Moravian-Silesian Tourism' ...

Moravian-Silesian Tourism, s.r.o.
Vítkovická 3335
70200 Ostrava, Czech Republic