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Wildalpen | Austria
The museum, located in the noble 17th century mansion that once belonged to the owner of a hammer mill, is devoted to the history of water supply and to the achievements in constructing the Vienna spring water pipeline which was of significant importance for the water supply of city.Since 1910 the ...

Museum HochQuellenWasser
Säusenbach 14
8924 Wildalpen, Austria

Chorzów | Poland
In the 19th century todays Chorzów was one of the hot spots of the Industrial Revolution. Königshütte/Kościuszko ironworks was put into operation in 1802. It was one of the first steam-powered steelworks on the European continent. Its blast furnace was the largest in Europe at the time. After an ...

Museum of Metallurgy
Muzeum Hutnictwa w Chorzowie
ul Metalowców 4a
41-500 Chorzów, Poland

Katowice | Poland
Katowice is a city of more than 300,000 inhabitants, at the centre of one of Europe’s principal coal-mining and iron-making regions. In the nineteenth century it was part of the Prussian province of Silesia, but from 1922 was incorporated into Poland. The suburb of Nikiszowiec is one of the most ...

Nikiszowiec Settlement
• Muzeum Historii Katowic, ul. Rymarska 4, 40-425 Katowice +48 (0) 32 - 2561810
• Stowarzyszenie Fabryka Inicjatyw Lokalnych, Plac Wyzwolenia 21
40-423 Katowice, Poland

Katowice - Szopienice | Poland
It is one of the landmarks in the history of the mighty steel industry, which provided employment and livelihoods for many generations of residents of Katowice up until not so long ago. The Zinc Rolling Mill was built in 1904 near Huta Bernhard (Bernhard Steelworks) and the railway line from ...

Zinc Rolling Mill
11 listopada 50
40-387 Katowice, Poland

The Bread and School Museum is not a typical museum. The exhibits are not displayed in show cases as in many other museums. No, here everything is easily accessible and visitors can actually handle and touch the interesting and unusual exhibits. The museum was established as a “labour of love” by ...

Museum of Bread, School and Curiosities
Muzeum Chleba, Szkoly i Czekawostek
ul.Z.Nałkowskiej 5
41-922 Radzionków, Poland

For Ruda Śląska, Huta Pokój, being the original owner of the Blast Furnace, is a special facility because the roots of the city emerged thanks to the establishment of a metallurgical plant here in 1840. A large part of the development in the central district of the city was built for employees of ...

Blast Furnace 'A' of Huta Pokój Ironworks
Wielki Piec Huty 'Pokój'
Niedurnego 79
41-709 Ruda Śląska, Poland

Rybnik | Poland
Ignacy historic mine was established in 1792 as Hoym mine. In 1936 the name was changed into Ignacy, in honour of the Polish President Ignacy Mościcki. After coal mining ceased, the colliery has been open to visitors since 1999. Nowadays it combines the functions of a museum in a modern way with ...

Ignacy Historic Mine
Zabytkowa Kopalnia Ignacy
Mościckiego 3
44-273 Rybnik, Poland

Żyrardów | Poland
Friendly, hospitable Żyrardów invites you to stroll through the charming nineteenth-century streets of the only post-industrial settlement in Europe that has been 95% preserved. Żyrardów, Poland’s former flax capital, delights visitors with the richness unexpected in such a small town of its ...

Zyrardow factory town
1 Maja 45
96300 Zyrardow, Poland

To protect the Portuguese capital from foreign invasions from land and sea, a series of fortifications, called 'Campo Entrincheirado de Lisboa' (entrenched fields), was built along the then city limits of Lisbon between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The core of the ...

Nirvana Studios at former ammunition warehouses
Estrada Militar 66
2730226 Barcarena, Portugal

Companhia União Fabril (C.U.F.) in Barreiro opposite Lisbon was the largest chemical industrial center of one of the biggest Portuguese business groups in the 20th century. The construction of the industrial complex began in 1907 and the first factory started operating in 1908. The complex grew over ...

Baía do Tejo Industrial Museum at former Companhia União Fabril (CUF) Area
Museu Industrial Baía do Tejo
Parque Empresarial da Baía do Tejo
2830-314 Barreiro, Portugal

Ílhavo | Portugal
The Vista Alegre porcelain factory at Ílhavo is one of the world’s largest producers of table ware. The factory was built in 1824 beside the Aveiro estuary, close to supplies of china clay, sand and imported coal. It became famous for high-quality design and decoration. The company began its museum ...

Vista Alegre Museum
Museu da Vista Alegre
3830-292 Ílhavo, Portugal

Maia | Portugal
Gorreana Tea Plantations is located on the island of São Miguel, in the Azores. Since the beginning of the 19th century, tea, just like tobacco and beet, was planted on the island to replace the decline of the orange production. About 20 tea factories were located on the island, but just Gorreana ...

Gorreana Tea Plantations
Fábrica de Chá Gorreana
Plantações de Chá Gorreana
9625-304 Maia, Portugal

Câmpina | Romania
The 'Steaua Română' ('Romanian Star') oil refinery is located in Câmpina, a town on the Prahova River, about 35 kilometres north-west of the county seat Ploiești. Oil deposits have been known in the Prahova River valley since the 17th century. In the middle of the 19th century, industrial oil ...

Steaua Română Refinery
Rafinăria Steaua Română
Calea Doftanei 15
105600 Câmpina, Romania

Fagersta | Sweden
A refinery dating from the pioneer years of the oil industry is preserved at Angelsberg on Oljeon (oil island) in Lake Amannigen, near the Engelsberg ironworks. Oil-refining was begun on the mainland in 1871 by Pehr August Alund, but his plant was twice destroyed by fire, and he set up the company ...

Ängelsberg Barron (Sjon Ananningen)
Fagersta, Sweden

Fagersta | Sweden
In 1927, the Västanfors area was established by an antiquities association as a beautiful place to visit next to Strömsholm's Canal. It is now associated with the large Bergslagen ecomuseum of sites related to the historical iron industry of the region. The conserved buildings at Västanfors include ...

Västanfors Area
Rune Lindströms väg
73730 Fagersta, Sweden

Ludvika | Sweden
At Flogberget Mine iron ore was mined on and off from the 17th century and up until 1918. Production stopped in 1899 but resumed in 1906, and ceased altogether in 1918.The visitor mine was opened from 2002 by a voluntary association, the Flogberg Sellskapel which also arranges theatrical ...

Flogberget Mine
Flogberget 1
77790 Ludvika, Sweden

Ludvika | Sweden
Hammarbacken is part of old Ludvika ironworks and dating back to the 16th century. Four buildings are conserved and open to the public, a smith’s house of four rooms, with walls of iron slag, a house showing the living conditions of a family of circa 1900, another house used for meetings, and a ...

Bruksgatan 2
Ludvika, Sweden

Norberg | Sweden
Lapphyttan is a site of world importance in industrial archaeology and a place where you can go back in time to see an early furnace in action. Archaeological excavations from the 1970s proved this was the oldest site discovered of a blast furnace – the innovation that revolutionised iron making. ...

New Lapphyttan
Nya Lapphyttan
Västanforsvägen 30
Norberg, Sweden

Between Bäretswil and Bauma the former Neuthal spinning mill is situated. The historically important factory ensemble is wonderfully embedded in the hilly landscape of the Zurich Oberland and is classified as a site of national importance. The region experienced an incredible boom in the textile ...

Museum Neuthal Textile and Industrial Heritage
Neuthal 6
8344 Bäretswil, Switzerland

Schlatt | Switzerland
Only a few meters from where bathers and water sport aficionados enjoy the Rhine in fine weather stands Klostergut Paradies, with its unique Iron Library. The core of this special library, set in the idyllic surroundings a former convent, is literature on the history of iron and steel. The ...

Iron Library
Eisenbibliothek, Stiftung der Georg Fischer AG
Klostergut Paradies
8252 Schlatt, Switzerland