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Eibar | Spain
The town of Eibar boasts an arms-making tradition, particularly damascened arms, that spans several centuries. Located on the 5th floor of the former arms factory 'Aguirre y Aranzabal' the museum gives visitors an insight into the evolution of the town's industrial past and technological ...

Arms Industry Museum
Museo de la Industria Armea
Bista Eder 10
20600 Eibar, Spain

Asturias was one of the most important coal mining regions in Spain and the museum at El Entrego, 3 km south of Langreo, provides evidence of the role of the mining industry in the 19th and 20th centuries. The museum is located in a spectacular series of colliery structures. A steel headstock ...

Asturian Museum of Mining and Industry
Musea de la Minería y de la Industria de Asturias
El Trabanquin
33940 El Entrego, Spain

Elgoibar | Spain
The museum consists of the "1900 machining workshop", "the smithy" and the exhibition and learning room, where the technological evolution of the industry is shown in an educational and documentary way. With its facilities and machines in operation, it uniquely presents manufacturing procedures, ...

Museum of the Machine Tool
Museo Máquina-Herramienta
Azkue Bailara, 1
20870 Elgoibar, Spain

Fabero | Spain
Belonging to the Company Antracitas de Fabero, the construction of the Pozo Julia mining shaft started in the year 1947. This three-story vertical shaft reaches 275 meters in depth was accessed through a headframe with an elevator to transport both people and mining shuttle cars. It was in this ...

"Pozo Julia" Mining Park
Parque de la Minería "Pozo Julia"
calle Otero, 61
24420 Fabero, Spain

A short distance from the city of Bilbao in the county of Las Encartaciones, stands, in an idyllic forest landscape, the majestic Tower of Loizaga. Built in the 14th century during the Biscay fractional wars, this exceptional historical landmark currently consists of a 25 metre high tower surrounded ...

Museum of Classic and Vintage Cars Torre Loizaga
Museo de Coches Antiguos y Clásicos
Barrio Concejuelo s/n
48191 Galdames, Spain

Europe’s first transporter bridge, one where vehicles are conveyed across a river on a gondola suspended from a high-level span of steel girders, crosses the River Nervion, or Ria de Bilbao, between the communities of Portugalete and Getxo, downstream from the city of Bilbao. It was designed by the ...

Bizkaia Bridge World Heritage Site
Puente Bizkaia | Puente Colgante
48930 Getxo, Spain

Getxo | Spain
Along the Quays of Las Arenas and Arriluze you can discover some of the best examples of its mansion-house architecture, built during the halcyon days of this neighbourhood of Getxo, between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. The mines, the blast Furnaces, the transport, the ...

The Big Villas Promenade
Muelle de Las Arenas
48930 Getxo, Spain

Irun | Spain
Man has been using minerals from Aiako Harria since Roman times. At the beginning of the 20th century major mining activities were initiated in the Irun hills. Iron carbonate was mined from the Meazuri, Meagorri, Aitzondo and Basakaitz galleries to be burnt in the Iruguretza furnaces and converted ...

Irugurutzeta Furnaces
Hornos de Irugurutzeta
Meaka 110-Ibarla
20305 Irun, Spain

Karrantza | Spain
In 1956 exploitation began of the Donosa quarry located in the Peña de Ranero mountain, next to the Pozalagua Caves.  The mineral dolomite was extracted from the quarry andthen transported to the Ambasaguas district by cable car. There stood the dolomite factory with the unloading station and the ...

Dolomitas Museum
Museo Dolomitas
C/Ambasaguas S/N
48891 Karrantza, Spain

Mining and the making of iron and steel were the principal economic activities from in Asturias from the mid-19th century until the closing years of the 20th century. The Museum of the Steel Industry (MUSI) complements the mining museum at El Entrego (MUMI) and uses a variety of modern techniques ...

Asturian Museum of the Steel Industry
Museo de la Siderurgia de Asturias
Ciudad Tecnológica Valnalón C/ Hornos Altos s/n
33930 Langreo, Spain

Legazpi | Spain
Legazpi, 45 km south-west of San Sebastian, is the main town of the Urola-Garaia region. Ironmaking has a long history in the area, but the industry was of particular importance from the mid-nineteenth century until the contraction of the Patricio Echeverria company in the 1970s and 80s which caused ...

Mirandoala Iron Valley
Valle del hierro
Mirandaola Parkea Telleriate auzoa, z/g
20230 Legazpi, Spain

The Lea river begins on the northern slope of the Oiz Mountains and at Lekeitio flows into the Cantabrian Sea. It is a short river, but its hydropower has been used since the 14th century for the operation of forges and mills. Even today, the remains of buildings, barrages and inflow trenches of ...

Lea River's Industrial Landscape with Marierrota Tide Mill
Sendero del Lea | Molino de Marierrota
Lekeitio, Spain

The centre of interpretation of the techniques of navigation at Santa Katalina lighthouse offers the opportunity to experience the feelings of the sailors who, lost at sea, see the light of the lighthouse, which guides them back home. Through technological means, the visitor can learn the basics of ...

Santa Katalina Lighthouse Interpretation Centre
Faro de Santa Catalina
Avenida Santa Katalina, 65
48280 Lekeitio, Spain

The Department of Culture and Language Policy of the Basque Government possesses the second largest collection of industrial heritage assets in Spain, housed in the former premises of the Orconera Iron Ore mining company in the Lutxana district of Barakaldo. Those who visit these old industrial ...

Orkonera-Lutxana. Basque Country Industrial Heritage Warehouse
Orkonera-Lutxana, Depósito de Patrimonio Industrial mueble de Euskadi
Andikollano, 33
48903 Lutxana-Barakaldo, Spain

Madrid | Spain
Madrid’s Delicias station was built in 1880, with a 170m X 34m train shed whose wrought-iron construction was based on principles demonstrated at the Paris International Exhibition of 1878.Train services ceased in 1968 and since 1984 it has served to house Madrid's railway museum which has one of ...

Railway Museum Madrid
Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid
Paseo de la Delicias 61
28045 Madrid, Spain

The museum occupies the Dipòsits Vells (Old Cisterns) which collected and stored 12,000 m3 of water from the Sèquia canal and which were built by the civil engineer Marià Potó between 1861 and 1865. Nowadays, the museum has two permanent exhibitions spaces. The Sèquia and water: This exhibit ...

Manresa Museum of Technology
Museu de la Tècnica de Manresa
Carretera de Santpedor, 55
08242 Manresa, Spain

Muskiz | Spain
El Pobal Ironworks, a 500 years old foundry, is the only of all the ancient foundries located in the Basque Country that has preserved part of the original mechanisms and installations. This hydraulic and preindustrial complex includes a watermill dated back to the XVIIth Century, a palace and the ...

El Pobal Ironworks
Ferrería de El Pobal
48550 Muskiz, Spain

Navelgas | Spain
Although today gold is still being mined using industrial methods (in both Bueinás/Boinás, council of Belmonte de Miranda and in Carlés, council of Salas), the sport of gold panning is becoming increasingly popular in the streams in the west of the region. The historical aspects of this activity are ...

Asturian Gold Museum
MOA Museo del Oro de Asturias
Barrio San Nicolás
33873 Navelgas, Spain

Oiartzun | Spain
The mining galleries of Arditurri are one of the few which have been worked continuously for 2000 years. At present times, the surroundings of the mining land have been recovered after more than 20 years of inactivity since the Real Compañía Asturiana de Minas gave up working the wealthy mines of ...

Arditurri Mine Land
Arditurriko meazuloak
Arditurri Bidea, 3
20180 Oiartzun, Spain

The Mutiloa mining reserve extended its transport and storage facilities to the municipality of Ormaiztegi, where it was linked to the Madrid-Irún railway line, looking for profitability in European markets. This rich iron ore supplied the English and French foundries such as Les Forges del Adour de ...

Mutiloa Mines and Ormaiztegi’s Viaduct
Muxika Egurastokia
20212 Ormaiztegi, Spain