“Heartlands” has transformed the mining heritage in the county of Cornwall into a huge "cultural playground". At its epicentre stand the winding gear and engine house above the Robinson’s Shaft. Monuments to early industrialisation, (including a Cornish pumping engine and a gigantic boiler), tell visitors about the history of metal mining in the region. On a 270° film screen visitors travel back to a time when Cornwall not only exported the then precious tin, but also technology and highly qualified miners to all four corners of the world. In the form of a sound collage former pit workers describe the backbreaking labour in the galleries. They also tell of the traditional rituals that every new miner had to endure - a sort of Equator baptism underground. The interactive adventure world goes hand-in-hand with extensive outside attractions that have turned the old mining complex into a huge recreational area. A particularly fine idea was to throw a spotlight on the emigration of Cornish miners by means of a botanical garden containing plants from abroad. Cornwall’s largest adventure playground and a cafe-restaurant in an old carpenter’s workshop complete the stimulating experience.

Robinson's Shaft
Dudnance Lane Pool
TR15 3QY Redruth
United Kingdom

Recommended duration of visit: 3 Hours
Duration of a guided Tour: 45 Minutes
Admission: Free
Access for persons with disabilities: Available
Infrastructure for Children:
Visitor centre on site: yes
Gift and book shop on Site: yes

daily 10am-5pm
daily 10am-4pm

  • Guided tours optional
  • Guided tours for children
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