at TRACTION Rail Campus Roosendaal

At TRACTION  is a remainder of the international railway past of Roosendaal. The visitors feel themselves as a part of a typical Dutch railway traction depot as it was before and just after the Second World war. They feel themselves at home between  working steam locomotives a swell as illustrious people like the German Kaiser, the Russian Czar, Vincent van Gogh who travelled to thei  destinations in their luxurious or more modest trains. The visitor is a part of this experience and there is no hesitation to invite children to experience a ride on a real steamlocomotive on the sidings of at TRACTION.  On a simulator, which is normally in use for the training of real train drivers on modern electric locomotives the can try to drive a goods train from Roosendaal to another destination. Besides that at Traction is also worth paying a visit during special events, both railway related as stage productions like concerts for which the turntable will be transformed in a rotation stage with the façade of the roundhouse and the steamlocomotives in the open doors as an unique background.

Opening in 2018, at Traction will be an attraction for everybody and for every family member.  

at TRACTION Rail Campus Roosendaal
Bosstraat 4704 RL Roosendaal
Office: Karel Doormanlaan 15
4819 BK Roosendaal
Noord - Brabant
+31 (0) 3654 - 242353

Admission: Free
Access for persons with disabilities: Available

The site will opened in 2018

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