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to the European Route of Industrial Heritage, the tourism information network of industrial heritage in Europe. 

Currently we present 1,315 sites in 45 European countries. Among these sites there are around 90 Anchor Points which build the virtual ERIH main route. On nineteen Regional Routes you can discover the industrial history of these landscapes in detail. All sites relate to thirteen European Theme Routes which show the diversity of European industrial history and their common roots.


Anchor Point of the Day
TextilWerk Bocholt LWL Industrial Museum | Bocholt

Whirring belts, rattling looms, the smell of oil and work: the Industrial Museum...

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Anchor Points

Anchor points illustrate the complete range of European industrial history.
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Regional Routes

The Regional Routes link landscapes and sites which have left their mark on European industrial history.
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European Theme Routes

Theme Routes take up specific questions relating to European industrial history.
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History is always made by people. We present a selection of personalities who influenced the European industrial history.
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Do you know...

which town has the most warehouses?

It's Hamburg. The legendary Speicherstadt (warehouse district) takes its visitors back to the days of colonialism. Built in the years between 1885 and 1927 on the Brook islands south of the historical centre, the neo-gothic red brick warehouses stored spices from distant countries as well as coffee and tea. The scent of those days is still wafting through the Speicherstadt museum. Apart of smelling the flavours you are explicitly invited to touch the exhibits.

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