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Porzellanikon | European Industrial Museum of China

Werner-Schürer-Platz 1
95100 Selb
Telephone +49 (0) 9287 - 918000

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Don’t be afraid of the jaw crusher: it might sound like a violent thug but in reality it is simply a machine for processing quartz, feldspar and china clay. The end result is breakfast dishes. In the European Industrial Museum of China in the Bavarian town of Selb everything revolves around the so-called “white gold” and its fascinating history – from 18th century manufacturing to the present day. A complete range of machinery shows visitors how porcelain body comes into being. Museum workers form, cast, throw and press all sorts and varieties of vessels and objects. Passive infrared sensors set off realistic sounds of work in the old porcelain factories accompanied by vivid film sequences. Visitors can actually walk into an old kiln and find out more about how porcelain was fired; and in the decorating shop they can learn how the products were painted. Finally a display of products from the Rosenthal firm presents exceptionally artistic exhibits. All these attractions can be found on the site of a porcelain factory which was originally built in 1866 and still contains working steam-engines. The most recent development has been the opening of the European Museum of Technical Ceramics containing everything from artificial hip replacements to heat shields used in space shuttles.