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ERIH welcomes first member in Luxembourg

January 2015 /

Office Régional du Tourisme Sud represents the "Land of the Red Rocks"

The "Land of the Red Rocks" in the south of Luxembourg, owes its name to the bright red iron ore which dominates the landscape. The iron ore was undoubtedly behind the success of the steel industry in the Grand Duchy back in the middle of the 19th century.
Former industrial sites were partially preserved and renovated, or have become valuable biotopes. Anyway, they are witnesses of the industrial past and will lead visitors through the history of Luxembourg’s steel industry.

Call for Papers - ERIH Annual Conference 2015 - 21-23 October in Pilsen (CZ)

January 2015 /

Conference subject: How to attract new Audiences?

New Ideas and Innovations for the Interpretation of Industrial Heritage

Every Industrial Heritage Site knows the problem:
We always need to attract new visitors and repeat visitors. And we are all looking for ways to make industrial heritage attractive to a younger audience. Most young people grow up with different interests nowadays, so it is our task to make industrial heritage accessible and interesting for them. They are the next generation to look after these important cultural and historical assets.
But how?

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015

December 2014 /

ERIH is looking back on a successful year 2014

Dear Friends and Members of the ERIH network,

We want to thank you for the good and fruitful cooperation and wish you all Merry Christmas and all the Best for 2015.

The end of the year is approaching and ERIH is looking back on  a successful year 2014:
We have attracted new members and further enlarged our network. The Board of Management was re-elected during the General Assembly 2014 in October and we had again a successful and interesting Annual Conference at our Anchor Point Cromford Mills in Great Britain.
We are very proud that ERIH is one of the European networks which receive funding by the CREATIVE EUROPE PROGRAMME and take this a sign that Europe appreciates our efforts to promote European industrial heritage.

ERIH Conference 2014 - New Ideas for Networks

November 2014 /

80 delegates attended the ERIH Conference 2014 at Cromford and discussed concepts for network development

Another "ERIH-Family Meeting" - delegates agreed that one of the biggest benefits of belonging to ERIH are the personal contacts and meeting eachother at conferences.
From 1 to 3 October 2014 ERIH members and non-members met at the ERIH Anchor Point Cromford Mills and discussed concepts and ideas how local, regional, national and European networks are developed and maintained.
"Founding-Managing-Funding-Marketing" those are the challenges to face when a network is developed. Especially the long-term viability and operation of networks is difficult to secure.

ERIH is one of the European networks proposed for funding

September 2014 /

EACEA has published results of European network funding

ERIH has submitted an application for funding of European Networks to the Creative Europe Programm in March. The EACEA has now published results of the first selection round. 58 networks of all member countries have submitted a bid. 22 Networks have been proposed for funding through CREATIVE EUROPE.

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