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Conference: Work with Sounds. Theory – Practices – Networks LWL

July 2015 /

19th – 21st August 2015

Industriemuseum Zeche Zollern, Grubenweg 5, 44388 Dortmund

Final conference of the EU Project "Work with sounds" is a platform, inviting representatives of museums, archives, universities, the media and the arts to come build networks with each other and share their experiences conserving, investigating, and using the sounds and soundscapes of Europe.

ERIH - Annual Conference 2015 - Registration is now open

June 2015 /

21 to 23 October 2015 in Pilsen, Czech Republic

The registration for the ERIH Annual Conference is now open. The programme with the presentations please see below.
Provisional bookings are made in three hotels in Pilsen, please make sure to book your hotel by 26th June to take advantage of the prices agreed.

Programme Conference Day
Registration form

Call for Papers - ERIH Annual Conference 2015 - 21-23 October in Pilsen (CZ)

February 2015 /

Conference subject: How to attract new Audiences?

New Ideas and Innovations for the Interpretation of Industrial Heritage

Every Industrial Heritage Site knows the problem:
We always need to attract new visitors and repeat visitors. And we are all looking for ways to make industrial heritage attractive to a younger audience. Most young people grow up with different interests nowadays, so it is our task to make industrial heritage accessible and interesting for them. They are the next generation to look after these important cultural and historical assets.
But how?

Invitation to tender for work contracts

February 2015 /

For the implementation of the work programme in the framework of the CREATIVE EUROPE PROGRAMME ERIH seeks external help

ERIH – The European Route of Industrial Heritage, the most comprehensive Industrial Heritage Portal in Europe with more than 1,000 sites in 44 European countries, is looking for external support for the implementation of a work programme in the framework of a funding for European networks by CREATIVE EUROPE. The commissioning is done on a contract basis, at first contracted until 30th September 2015. The following tasks should be commissioned:
•    Finances/Member administration/secretariat
•    Communication/Social media/website
•    Support of the Board with the implementation of the work programme in the CREATIVE EUROPE project

ERIH welcomes first member in Luxembourg

January 2015 /

Office Régional du Tourisme Sud represents the "Land of the Red Rocks"

The "Land of the Red Rocks" in the south of Luxembourg, owes its name to the bright red iron ore which dominates the landscape. The iron ore was undoubtedly behind the success of the steel industry in the Grand Duchy back in the middle of the 19th century.
Former industrial sites were partially preserved and renovated, or have become valuable biotopes. Anyway, they are witnesses of the industrial past and will lead visitors through the history of Luxembourg’s steel industry.

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