National Railway Museum

Madrid’s Delicias station was built in 1880, with a 170m X 34m train shed whose wrought-iron construction was based on principles demonstrated at the Paris International Exhibition of 1878.


Train services ceased in 1968 and since 1984 it has served to house Spain’s national railway museum which has one of the largest collections in Europe of locomotives and rolling stock. Exhibits include a 4-wheel carriage of 1899 built in Manchester, and several locomotives of the 19th century from Britain and Germany, but Spanish locomotives of the 20th century are the most impressive features of the display. They include a Wagon-Lits restaurant car built in Bilbao in 1930, steam 4-8-4 of 1956 intended for express passenger trains, the Talgo train Virgen de Aranzazu built in 1951, and a Maffei/Babcock & Wilcox diesel hydraulic locomotive of 1966.

National Railway Museum
Museo del Ferrocarril
Paseo de la Delicias 61
28045 Madrid
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