“Queen Louise” Adit

The sinking of the Louisa coal mine at Zabrze in 1791 is often considered to have been the beginning of industrialisation in Upper Silesia. The mining museum project in the city began in 1979, and is now centred on the Carnall and Wilhemina shafts, about 650 m apart. At the former exhibitions relating to mining technology and to the industrial uses of coal are displayed in 19th century surface buildings, and visitors can see a 2000 hp steam winding engine made at the Eisenhutte Prinz Rudolph at Dulmen, Westphalia. The Wilhelmina shaft provides access to a 1.5 km underground route, which includes displays of late 20th century coal-cutting technology, and the Guibald Inn, a place of refreshment offering traditional Silesia fare.

“Queen Louise” Adit
Sztolnia “Królowa Luiza”
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