Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum

Salhus Tricotagefabrik was founded in 1859, as one of the first knitwear factories in Norway. Trikotasje means knitted fabric. Long and short underwear for men and women, undershirts, socks, athletic apparel, swimwear and many other items were made at the Salhus factory. Perhaps you are familiar with the trademark “Krone”, or “Krone-Maco”? This was the quality brand of underwear that was produced here. The factory was closed down in 1989, and in 2001, The Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum opened at the old factory premises.

Join one of our guides for a tour of the knitwear factory from 1859. Take in the smells that still linger at the factory premises after many years of hard work and knitwear production. See the old carding machines, the winding loft, knitting loft and sewing loft, and experience the old machines in operation. See the film about Salhus, the factory and its workers, and visit our temporary exhibition. Let the children loose in the children’s workshop every other Sunday. 

Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum
Norsk Trikotasjemuseum
Salhusvegen 201
5107 Salhus
+47 (0) 5525 - 1094


Recommended duration of visit: 2 Hours
Duration of a guided Tour: 60 Minutes
Admission: Charge
Access for persons with disabilities: Available
Infrastructure for Children:
Gift and book shop on Site: yes

11 February to 23 June 2018:
Tuesday - Friday 11am-3pm
Sunday 12am-5pm

24 June to 31 August 2018:
Sunday - Friday 12am-5pm

1 September  to 14 December 2018:
Tuesday - Friday 11am-3pm
Sunday 12am-5pm

Group bookings by arrangement throughout the year

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