Museum of Iron and Cast-iron

Fallonica was the principal centre of ironmaking in Tuscany until the late nineteenth century. Substantial remains of a blast furnace of 1836 are incorporated in a public works garage. The most impressive monuments of the iron industry are an arcade of 1838 designed by Carlo Reishammer outside the church of St Leopoldo, and a monumental archway of 1836 by the same designer, that was formerly the entrance to a foundry, on which a shield is flanked by two dolphins, and topped with a blazing torch. The gateway now forms part of the Museum of Iron and Cast-iron, opened in 1995, which illustrates the tools and techniques of casting iron, and displays many cast-iron artefacts. It also provides training in foundry techniques.

Museum of Iron and Cast-iron
Museo del Ferro e della Ghisa
58022 Follonica
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