Massa Museum and Blast Furnace

Miscolc, in the Bukk region of northern Hungary, is the country’s third largest city, and since the late 1940s the huge Lenin Metallurgical Plant has been located in its surburb of Diosgyor. Many ironworks have flourished in the region since the first blast furnace in Bukk was established in the 1770s by Henrik Fozola from Wurzburg.


Two branches of the National Technical Museum commemorate the history of the iron industry. The Central Metallurgical Museum is at Felsohamor, a village about 10 km from Miskolc, and is located in a Baroque building of 1778-79, which served as an administrative and storage building for the iron industry. The collection includes a good range of nineteenth century machine tools.


A blast furnace of 1813-14, with a complete stone stack about 10 m high, is preserved at Ujmassa. It has been conserved since 1951, and was the first industrial monument in Hungary to receive legislative protection.

Massa Museum and Blast Furnace
Massa Múzeum| Mûemlék nagyolvasztó ("Õskohó")
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