Hat Museum

Chazelles-sur-Lyon is a small town in les Montagnes des Lyonnais, 30 km north of St Étienne and 45 km west of Lyon. The making of felt hats was the principal manufacturing occupation in the region for several centuries making use of fur from wild rabbits and hares, and from domestic rabbits that were raised for the purpose. At its peak around 1900 there were 28 workshops in the area employing about 1500 workers. The brands Flétchet and Morreton were well-known throughout France and further afield. Felt hats became less and less fashionable after the Second World War, and the last workshop in Chazelles-sur-Lyon closed in 1997. A museum of hat making was opened in 1983, expanded into a hat-making workshop in 1991 and into the former Fléchet factory in 2013. The displays includes machines used in making felt and blocking hats, publicity material, and large collections of the industry’s products. The museum offers courses teaching tradition skills and since 1995 has been involved with international conferences relating to hat arts.

Hat Museum
Musée de Chapeau
31 Rue Martouret
42140 Chazelles-sur-Lyon
+33 (0) 477 - 942329