Why becoming a member of ERIH? For sites, induviduals and organisations the benefits of ERIH membership are considerable and include: 

Profile: Member sites become part of a high-quality European network and associated with a brand which is becoming increasingly recognised across Europe.

Marketing: ERIH open up sites to the European tourist market. Through ‘cross-marketing’ sites within the ERIH network can publicise each other, particularly when they are part of a Regional Route.

Publicity: ERIH produces publicity leaflets, organises exhibitions and events and manages a regularly updated and well used website.

Dialogue: ERIH provides an international forum for people involved in industrial heritage tourism and it also engages in advocacy and lobbying in relation to industrial heritage.

Knowledge: ERIH members benefit from exchanges in expertise and experience, both in their own country and across Europe.Being affiliated to ERIH can assist with European, national and local funding applications.

Who can become a member of ERIH?
Members of ERIH are industrial heritage sites, public or private organisations, corporate members and individuals. You can also support the ERIH network by becoming a "Friend of ERIH".

What are the costs?
Sites and individuals pay an annual membership subscription of 100 €, Anchor Points and organisations  pay 500 €.

If you are interested in becoming a member of ERIH, please find more information following.

Membership Information (pdf)
Articles ERIH Association (pdf)
Application Form (pdf)