The ERIH network was developed in the years 2003 to 2008 by eleven project partners, supported by the European Union.

For the continuation of the network┬┤s work, in February 2008 ERIH founded a registered association based on German law named ERIH-European Route of Industrial Heritage e.V.. Since that time the number of members increased from 17 founder members to more than 250 members from 24 European countries. Please click following to see the list of our members.
ERIH members

You are invited to become a member of ERIH association.
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ERIH Membership

Who can become a member of ERIH?
Members of ERIH are industrial heritage sites, public or private organisations, corporate members and individuals. You can also support the ERIH network by becoming a "Friend of ERIH".

If you are interested in becoming a member of ERIH, please find more information following.

ERIH Objectives

Priorities for the near future are:  

  • development of an expert database (for members only)
  • setting up an "industrial culture barometer" (for members only)
  • expension of the site database
  • presentation of Anchor Points and members in the German magazine "Industriekultur"
  • organising exchanges of experience, paritcular in the context of the annual ERIH conferences
  • presentation of ERIH on various events / conferences
  • assist developing regional networks / routes

Who is Who in ERIH?

ERIH Board Meeting

Prof Dr Meinrad Maria Grewenig 
(World Heritage Site V├Âlklingen Ironworks, D)
Vice President 
Dr Adam Hajduga 
(Marshal's Office Katowice, PL)
Susanne Schlimm 
(Jahrhunderthalle Bochum, D)
Board Members 
Sabine von Bebenburg (D), Dr Walter Hauser (D), Willi Kulke (D), Jonathan Lloyd (GB), Prof Massimo Preite (I), John Rodger (GB)
Rainer Klenner (D) 
Christiane Baum 
concept & beratung. Meerbusch (D)